N-P-K  15-15-15


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In this fertilizer the basic nutrients are contained in a form which is easily accetable by plants. The nitrogen here is approximately of 40 % in the form of the nitrate and of 60 % in the ammoniacal form, more than 40 % of phosphorus is in the water soluble form and potassium is in the water soluble form of the chloride. The granulation of this fertilizer ensures a quick and exact dosing. The bulk density is approx. 1,000 kg.m-3 and the angle of slope is 35.

Technical parameters:

Total nitrogen content in % 15
Nitrate N content in % 6.7
Ammonium N content in % 8.3
Content of phosphates soluble in neutral ammonium citrate as P2O5 in 15
Content of phosphates soluble in water as P2O5 in % 8.5
Total potassium content as K2O in % 15
Total nutrient content as N+P2O5+K2O in % 45
Granulometry :
2 - 5 mm particles content in % min. 90.0
content of particles under 1 mm in % max. 1,0
content of particles over 10 mm in % max. 0.0
The minimal values of the nutrient content correspond with the valid EU regulations.


Compound fertilizer LOVOFERT NPK 15-15-15 is suitable for soils with medium and higher nutrient reserves and in case the plants have higher demand for nitrogen and phosphorus. It is the most widespread European type compound fertilizer, particularly in Germany and Austria.

Packing, Transport and Storage:

LOVOFERT NPK 15-15-15 is delivered in bulk or on pallets per 1,200 kg (24 bags per 50 kg) fixed by a PE foil. It can be transported in railway wagons, ships and covered road transport means.
This fertilizer should be stored according to the relevant regulations which are valid for the storage of fertilizers in he EU.

Safety measures:

LOVOFERT NPK 15-15-15 may be dangerous for your health. Avoid to swallow or contacts with mucous membranes, eyes and repeated contacts with skin. The fertilizer powder is irritable and may cause an oversensitiveness or eczemas. With manipulation it is necessary to protect your skin and eyes , do not eat, drink and smoke. After the work thoroughly wash you hands and use a regeneration cream. Keep out of reach of children and unauthorised persons.