Calcium Ammonium Nitrate with Magnesium


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Calcium ammonium nitrate with magnesium is a nitrogen fertilizer. It contains 27 % of nitrogen and 9 % of MgCO3 (4 % MgO). It is composed of ammonium nitrate and fine-milled dolomite in a form of whitish to light brown granules sized 2 to 5 mm. Their excellent physicalmechanical properties guarantee a good storage. Bulk density is 950 to 1.000 kg.m3 and the slope is 30o

Technical parameters:

Calcium ammonium nitrate with magnesium must comply with the following requirements:

Total nitrogen in %    min.


Total magnesium as MgO in %   min.


Size distribution:
    2 to 5 mm in % min.
    under 1 mm in % max.
    over 10 mm in %



Calcium ammonium nitrate is suitable for all soil arid climate conditions, particulary with low to satisfying contents of magnesium and pH value under 6. It is suitable especially for plants with high demands of magnesium just as potatoes, leguminous plants, hop, fruit trees, vegetables and vine. Thanks to its composition it is also suitable for manuring of grass fields.

Packing, Transport and Storage:

Calcium ammonium nitrate with magnesium is delivered in bulk or in PE bags per 50 kg, on pallets per 1.200 kg (24 bags per 50 kg) fixed by a PE foil, in large-capacity bags BIG-BAG per 500 j and 1.000 kg.
    Also it can be transported in discharging wagons, ships and covered road transport means. It has to be stored in storage rooms complying with provisions of tire Czech Standard CSN 46 5750. It must be stored on floors with impermeable surfaces and protected from weather effects to avoid secondary contamination and moistening.

Safety measures:

Calcium ammonium nitrate with magnesium may be dangerous for your health. Avoid to swallow or contacts with mucous membranes, eyes and repeated contacts with skin. The fertilizer powder is irritable for your skin, respiration and eyes. It may cause an oversensitiveness or eczemas. With manipulation it is necessary to protect your skin and eyes, do not eat, drink and smoke. After the work thoroughly wash your hands and use a regeneration cream. Keep out of reach of children and unauthorised persons.